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Doors are open at 7:15, students who arrive early often play chess or catch up on school work. Worship begins at 8:30, followed by ring of unity and daily announcements. Classes begin at nine. Bible, math, science, reading and foreign language, take place in the morning followed by lunch. Lunches are served to the kids every school day. We believe kids thrive when they eat healthy foods, without all the processed additives and sugars. Our meals are prepared fresh daily. Weather permitting, students enjoy the local parks and sports field. History, English and the arts are afternoon classes. Student teams tidy up and students are picked up between 3:30 and 4:00 PM.

Bi-monthly field trips are an important part of the school year. Visits to museums, zoo, aquarium, outdoors and other outdoor activities add to the experiential education.

Specialists from the arts come to visit to share their expertise enriching the minds of students.

Dress Code -

Students wear either a royal blue polo or a blue tee with the Academy logo, clean jeans, khaki or black pants.

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Discipline -

Self discipline is a core feature of Ahlberg Academy. Self regulation is key to sustained liberty. Through coaching and leadership training our “disciplinary” approach, is expressed in our Diamond score. It is calculated weekly to evaluate each student on their performance in four areas: Respect to authority and values, Respect for school and own property; Respect for peer’s need to grow and learn; and Respect to excellence in ones own work.

Mr. John sits down with me one on one to explain Algebra.
Josh K. age 17
Ahlberg Academy is an amazing family friendly school environment who teaches the children according to their needs. Teachers take their time to work with each individual to make sure they are successful in their learning.
Tammy Z.
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Parents are a critical part of student life.

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