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Film Production

During the 2021-2022 school year, we converted one of our classrooms and constructed a “green screen” and equipped it with professional video, audio, lighting and editing gear. This will now make it possible for the students to express themselves through the visual art of film. Each year, a core team of students will be selected to be trained in the art of film making. This year, the award-winning short film producer team Wes and Amanda Llewellyn, will help guide the students on all aspects of film production.

student filming

Here is where students learn to develop story concepts, storyboards, scripts, acting, lighting, set design, audio and editing using daVinci editing software. For 2022, the movie “Jesus in the Spotlight”, based on John 1-16 will film during the 2022 Summer School, will be uploaded to Ahlberg Academy YouTube channel.

In addition, every week students get together and discuss the weeks lessons and have debates about what they’ve learned. Those too, will be filmed and uploaded along with two other annual performances: Santa Lucia Christmas Celebration and this year’s annual school play, “Around the World in 80 Days”.

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The Telly Awards. Honoring excellence in video and television across all screens. Ahlberg Academy won this prestigious award in 2005 for their depiction of “The 1 room schoolhouse for the 21st Century”. Students participated in the production of this film.

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